Thursday, December 17, 2009

New website, new blog, just in time to kick off the New Year!!!

The first post on my new Jewelry Junkie blog.....I never thought I'd be doing this, but here goes....

Little by little, I'm learing to be a "real" retailer.  I've almost survived my first Christmas season as The Jewelry Junkie at Wishes and Dreams, and am in the process of opening a new location in Gorman, TX.  Yes, a little far away from home, but I think it will be a good town for The Jewelry Junkie.  Reminds me a little of my humble up-bringings in Booneville, KY.
I also have survived the ins and outs of designing and creating a new website.  It really shouldn't have been quite so difficult, but as the designers would attest, I am complicated and picky.  So goes my life.

I have lots of new things coming into the store every week at Wishes & Dreams.  Stop by and check them out when you get a chance....2805 Park Row Drive, Arlington TX.  I've included a few pics in this post.  I hope to have them all uploaded to my new website within the week.  Merry Christmas!!!

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